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Aztalan is an employee-owned machining facility in Lake Mills, Wisconsin. Precision CNC technology and quality control held to top standards produce superior machined parts and products. Our team of designers, machine operators and engineers are dedicated to producing the finest parts with the highest degree of repeatability for your Illinois business. Aztalan components are used in the medical, aerospace and defense industries, where parts failure is not an option. We are recognized as a certified precision machine shop by the state of Wisconsin.

Comprehensive CNC services for Illinois product development



We manufacture parts with tighter tolerances and reduced part cycle times by achieving maximum vibration damping to limit friction. Aztalan technicians perform both horizontal and vertical CNC milling services. Many of our machined parts are responsible for advances in medical device capabilities.


Aztalan operates 14 CNC lathes with horizontal and vertical turning capabilities. Single and twin spindles with varying axis strengths allow us to precisely manufacture both wide, heavy workpieces and small, delicate parts for Illinois.


Our Tsugami Swiss lathes are ideal for large volume orders and prototype manufacturing. With 28 or more tools mounted at once, lights-out machining allows shorter run times for small, complex parts. CNC Swiss turning is used to construct medical products such as oncology instruments,  Ventricle Assist Devices (VADs) and Lasik surgery blades.


Aztalan provides multi-material soldering and brazing services. Various fluxes and implements allow us to join brass to brass, brass to stainless steel and stainless steel to stainless steel. Contact us for more soldering options.


The Aztalan team includes fully licensed mechanical and manufacturing engineers. Together with clients' design teams, we manufacture products according to rigid specifications. Fully understanding the purpose of a product ensures smooth entry into its intended industry.


Parts aren't finished until they are ultrasonically cleaned. We achieve the aggressive cleaning power necessary for a complete clean without damaging small parts or causing corrosion.


Our team will assemble any product, large or small. All parts are thoroughly cleaned in an ultrasonic bath prior to assembly. Aztalan machined parts are so exact, the finished product practically puts itself together.


Every Aztalan employee is responsible for upholding and maintaining the highest quality control standards. Each part is checked against a coordinate measuring machine (CMM). The smallest, most delicate parts are measured with a non-contact CMM process.

Illinois CNC machining services


We are proud to use our experience and machining capabilities to develop life-saving technology. Aztalan components have been involved in the advancement of:

  • Oncology instruments
  • Anesthetics
  • Flow control valves
  • Hydraulics
  • Manifolds
  • Respirators
  • Semi-conductors
  • Sonograms

Located in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, our state-of-the-art facility is home to the finest engineers, technicians and designers in the industry. This blend of resources and expertise creates products of the highest quality.

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Aztalan CNC Manufacturing Portfolio
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